October 4th, 2011

Today was a great day, and a day of firsts: first tap tap ride, first river fording, first bag of water, first popsicle, first swim.. We took the tap tap today, which are bus-like things, with stations and routes that aren’t obvious, though apparently established, but couldn’t get one to Chantal, so instead ended up going to Dices. The truck was packed, both sides with people sitting very snugly and a line in between of people holding on to the waist of the person in front- and one woman had a live chicken that she just held by the ankles for the whole ride. Dices turned out to be a bustling, chaotic market, packed with people, vegetables, cows, goats, trucks. Megan saw big popsicles so the walk was much more enjoyable with a frozen novelty in hand. We walked to Chantal, through the market and then had to cross the river. We got to the bank and realized how nice it was to have the tiny, narrow bridge that we use when we drive to Chantal- at least it’s a bridge. But the walk across was even nicer, refreshing, offering gorgeous views of the mountains upriver. Pastor La Fume met us halfway across and walked us to the school, and it was really fun to see a different town and more of the scenery.