Restavec Freedom Alliance has a diverse team of board member volunteers who all have one thing in common: they want to make a difference to help Haiti. Our current team is rather small though we plan to grow our board and staff as our organization grows. If you believe you have skills and determination to help our organization please contact us.


Ellen Graber Donohue

Ellen Graber Donohue serves as the Executive Director of Restavec Freedom Alliance, BEM Inc. Born and raised in Wethersfield, CT, Ellen is an alumnus of the University of Connecticut. The major part of her professional journey saw her at the helm of an insurance company’s information technology division. She further showcased her leadership prowess by heading a technology division in Tokyo for two years.

Deciding to pivot in 2010, Ellen left the corporate world behind. She embraced the healthcare sector, earning her Registered Nurse (RN) degree. Though she initially majored in Child Development during her college days, her path took her back to this foundation. Ellen’s passion for assisting underserved children took her to the Dominican Republic in 2006. Through this endeavor, she collaborated with Bethesda Evangelical Mission Inc, a non-profit driven by a church in Haiti. Her commitment led her to serve in Haitian orphanages, both pre and post the devastating earthquake.

In 2011, she undertook the monumental task of the Restavec Freedom Alliance project, joining hands with the Beaucejours in southwestern Haiti. Ellen also dedicated five years working as an RN for special needs individuals. Today, even in her retirement, she remains unwaveringly committed to RFA. Besides, she volunteers with the Medical Reserve Corp and cherishes every moment with her eight beloved grandchildren.

Pastor Lubin Beaucejour

Pastor Nidaud Beaucejour

Pastor Jean Beaucejour

Elise Graber

Elise has always been passionate about community outreach. Raised in a nurturing environment, she sees every child as a unique and invaluable treasure. After dedicating 36 years to educating middle school students, Elise has now entered retirement but remains active in her mission. Her son further extended the family’s commitment by participating in an RFA trip to Haiti. Today, Elise crafts beautiful stuffed animals, the proceeds from which directly support RFA. Rooted in her belief, Elise stands by the idea that the ripple of change begins with uplifting a single child at a time.

Elizabeth Sinha

Allison Edwards