Chantal, Haiti

The 14 girls in our program live at this home.  We also three part time teachers.

We are in the process of building our first permanent home in Chantal, Haiti. This construction project will cost us around $60,000 and we have almost reached this goal! As of early April, only $7,000 must be raised to complete the project. We also plan to build a school to serve our children and the children of neighboring communities. This follows our mission as being both a home for our children and a place to serve and help the community.

We are looking to build a play yard, library, computer lab – all in the future. Our plans are to design the structures on the land to use the abundant solar power available. The children in Haiti are definitely living a much better life than before.

Ducis, Haiti

As of early 2013 our new home in Ducis, Haiti is operational and the boys in our program are living at this home. We are currently renting this room while we finish the construction of our first permanent home in Chantal. Once that project is finished we will start construction in Ducis.  After that has been completed, we also plan to build a school at the same location.

Many of the boys in this home have recently started to attend technical school in addition to grade school. There they are learning about many fields in construction such as plumbing, tiling and installing glass windows.