Our RFA STEP program children doing community work in November for an elderly neighbor. It is at the heart of our program.

BEM’s annual convention is ongoing. Our children practice diligently to perform – here they are walking into their performance. Enjoy!

Please, help support our kids by donating.

Message from Pastor Lubin about safety

Dear Friends of BEM, ​ As an organization that takes on the responsibility of sending individuals to Haiti for mission work, the health and safety of our team members is the highest priority. Due to BEM’s relationships on the ground, we are uniquely situated to assess the risk to our team members. BEM has connections…

RFA STEP visits University

The RFA STEP Program visiting a University Campus in Les Cayes managed by the Episcopal Church in Haiti. The priest was their guide. Their first trip to a college!! This so very exciting… opportunity knocks and they are listening.  

Widley joins Ducis boys

Please welcome our newest member of RFA – Widley. He was born November 12, 2006 and comes from a family of five. He is in 5th grade and living with his godfather as his parents cannot care for him. His godfather has asked that we take him in to spare him from being a Restavec.…

The Situation in Haiti

In Haiti there are more than 300,000 children who serve as restavec — modern day slaves. These children are neglected and do not have a safe environment to live their childhood and mature. Unfortunately, this practice has been heavily integrated into the culture of Haiti for many years.

Ways to Get Involved

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