RFA Survival

Letter from Ellen




Our RFA STEP program children doing community work in November for an elderly neighbor. It is at the heart of our program.

BEM’s annual convention is ongoing. Our children practice diligently to perform – here they are walking into their performance. Enjoy!

Please, help support our kids by donating.

State of affairs

Dear friends of BEM/RFA in Haiti,   In times of crisis and uncertainty, it is the unwavering support of individuals like you that keeps us going and allows us to provide for the precious children in Chantal, Haiti.   Thanks to your generous contributions, we have been able to provide meals for many families in…

Rfa Step program continues

Rfa Step program continues to work in the community. The leader is foregoing his salary to keep the program going. Here they are helping to beautify clean a neighbors yard.

Our Visit to Chantal today! (August 2023)

Our team embarked on a journey to the beautiful community of Chantal, where we had the privilege of making a positive impact on the lives of the village.Upon our arrival in Chantal, we wasted no time in attending to administrative tasks that would ensure the well-being of the children at our RFA home. We worked…

The Situation in Haiti

In Haiti there are more than 300,000 children who serve as restavec — modern day slaves. These children are neglected and do not have a safe environment to live their childhood and mature. Unfortunately, this practice has been heavily integrated into the culture of Haiti for many years.