Welcome to Our Haven in Chantal

Current Overview (August 2023):

Our sanctuary in Chantal proudly hosts 16 wonderful children. The dwelling boasts two spacious wings: one dedicated to the girls, the other to the boys. Each wing is equipped with its own bathroom facilities. Central to the home, you’ll find the suite of Pastor Alabre and Madame Marie Alabre, a cozy kitchen, a communal area, and storage space. Adorning the building’s facade is an expansive wrap-around porch.

On these grounds stands the primary school of Chantal. Though currently provisional in structure, we have visions of transforming it into a permanent establishment. Beside it, the construction of a new church/school is ongoing, albeit at a slowed pace due to the prevailing political and financial climates.

Prioritizing safety, our property is fortified with a secure entrance gate and a protective wall surrounding the home. A vast open expanse provides the children with ample room to frolic and play. Our younger residents, as well as many from the community, attend the school within our compound.

Our Dedicated Team:

Leading our mission is Pastor Alabre and his wife, Madame Marie Alabre, ably assisted by two culinary experts and two laundry specialists. Our educational wing is steered by a principal (who also teaches) and three dedicated teachers.

The children are nurtured in a secure environment, receiving three square meals daily – a luxury in Haiti – and are enveloped in the affection and care of our staff. Pastor Nidaud, residing in Les Cayes, periodically visits to supervise our endeavors. Pastor Lubin, from the US, makes frequent visits, contingent upon the nation’s political climate. He’s also pioneering the construction of a hospital near Les Cayes, a place many of our children aspire to work in as they mature.

Alumni Achievements:

Two of our elder protégés from the Transition program are currently pursuing higher

education. One is in her sophomore year of nursing school, commencing this fall, while the other navigates the latter half of an annual business course. Another young lady, an alumna of the Transition program, recently completed her Home Economics development program. We were delighted to gift her a sewing machine, which she now utilizes at her parental residence.