Chantal, Haiti is a small rural village about 45 minutes outside of Les Cayes, a major city in Haiti, and has a population of just under 2,000. Although there are a few schools located in the area, many children do not have access to an education due to their families level of poverty. Our Haiti community education program makes a big difference.

For $40 / month you can completely cover the cost of a child’s school supplies, uniform and a daily snack. Click HERE to Donate to this program

About the Haiti Community Education Program:

The children of Haiti need us. They want to go to school and do not have the means to. Please take some time to learn more about how you can help.

Haitian children are suffering and it is not their fault, or their parents. The government of Haiti is struggling to improve their public education program. Though the Constitution requires that a public education be offered free to all people, the Haitian government has been unable to fulfill this obligation. Private schools fill the gap, but these cost money – money that many do not have.

In our school at Chantal, which serves our 16 children, we have 35 others who now attend and need to be sponsored. We have others who sit by the open door in order to listen to the teachers – their parents have begged our leaders to at least let them do that until we can hire more teachers to teach them.

Please think about this  – they do not have water, food, clothes, welfare, foodstamps, shelters, etc, etc ,etc. They are just kids who need a chance to get educated so they can change their country in the future. If you would like to submit a recurring donation for one child, or multiple children, please click here.

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