• #1 priority is to share God‟s love and light.
  • Be flexible – plans will change as circumstances require.
  • It is NOT about us. We are going to serve God by caring for the children and others in need, and sometimes each other.
  • We are not going there to save Haiti..we can‟t save Haiti. We can make a difference. Focus on what you CAN do, not what you CAN‟T do.
  • Cross cultural tips: sensitivity, flexibility, respect. Enjoy the people, enjoy the country, but always be aware of your surroundings, stay in group or in pairs.


  • People will ask you for money, especially at the airport and sometimes in church. YOU DO NOT GIVE ANYONE MONEY OR GIFTS. Feel free to tell people that. You cannot, it is against the rules, take the burden off of you and put it on team leadership. If you see  someone/something you feel compelled to do something about, please approach Team Leader and we will address it as a team. If appropriate, we will act as a team through Pastor Beaucejour. Please respect this. Everything we do in Haiti has a future ramification on someone else. Most often we cannot give to all, so it is not appropriate to give to one. Giving money away could lead to injury or a riot in some situations, so please don‟t do it.
  • Team response – Do as asked – inquire later. It may be against your normal temperament, however follow directions. Don’t question it, do it. Questions and explanations will take place later when danger or security is no longer an issue.
  • At the airport, do not let anyone touch or help you with your bag. If someone touches your bag they will want to be paid. Team leaders will rent carts and hire someone to help with the bags, Team Leaders will handle paying that person(s) for helping. It can get chaotic; simply say “no thank you”. KEEP YOUR MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS!!
  • We will stay together as a team. If you need to leave the group for any reason, inform Team Leader and GO IN PAIRS only. Safety and caution are key. Instructions are told to keep you safe. There may be times of frustration. We will work it out later.
  • Communication is key. We will debrief daily about everything and anything. Share what is on your heart, let things out instead of keeping emotions bottled up all inside, this will help with “re-entry” and form connections and create lasting friendships. Haiti is a difficult place, we know that. Talk about what you see, talk about what is in your heart, joys and sorrows, frustrations, ideas, dreams.

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