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a. Immigration

Arrival at the Port Au Prince airport can be daunting. You will pass through immigration and present your International Entry-Departure Card which you will have been given for completion on the airplane prior to landing in Haiti. Also there is an entry fee of $10 cash – please bring this with you. It is used directly for Education. Keep the stamped Departure card in your passport after passing through Immigration. It is your exit visa.

b. Getting Through the Airport

Once you pass through Immigration, we will go to baggage claim where we will rent luggage carts. Luggage might be unloaded on the floor or be found on the conveyor belt. We will gather all of our bags as a team, count them and proceed together to Customs where the bag(s) may be inspected. Team leader will collect all baggage claim tickets which are generally stapled to your boarding pass. Do not allow anyone to assist you with your bags, they will want to be paid. The
team leader will select who will assist us through customs. Once cleared Customs, we will take all luggage to the exit doors. At this point, you will find yourself besieged by porters who want to assist with your luggage. Again, the Team leader will select one porter to help with our bags and indicate to that person that they are in charge and only they will be paid. Stay with the porter/luggage/ team until we meet up with our driver. If porters ask to help with your bag, politely say “no thank you”. Team leader ONLY will pay the porter (who will pay any helpers he/she has enlisted). Keep money in your pockets/backpacks – DO NOT offer cash to anyone, you will be swarmed, and it could get dangerous.

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