Mission and Goals

Our Mission

Restavec Freedom Alliance is dedicated to providing relief for the Restavec children, children who are “given” to families and used  as slaves in Haiti. Our mission is to offer a safe, stable, family centered environment for these children. Homes of Refuge are created with a Pastor’s families as the supporting parents. Each child will have access to an education, medical support, loving care, psychiatric care, adequate food, and sanitary facilities. Most importantly, each child will have access to a childhood.

Current Goals

  1. Cook House in Chantal, Haiti, total $6,000.
  2. Continue Mattress project for older children in Chantal and Ducis, total $1,500.
  3. Construction of permanent school in Chantal – phase 1 – $1,500.
  4. Basketball court in Chantal, Haiti, total $1,500.